Kids Balance Bike with 3 wheels- colour blue


Product features

  • Lets toddlers learn to balance naturally
  • Helps Stimulate physical and mental development in toddlers
  • Very Robust build quality
  • For indoors or outdoor use
  • Very lightweight


Product Description

The Little Toddler Balance Bikes Bike is simply the best way to teach any 2 to 4-year-olds how to ride. These tiny balance bikes feature fully adjustable handlebars and saddle to suit different size riders. This little toddler bike lets toddlers learn naturally by experimenting with balance and riding techniques all on their very own. Toddlers are fast learners and soon work out how the bike can be moved and steered. When pushed briefly, toddlers instinctively learn how to reproduce this movement independently soon afterward. These Bikes for toddlers help to develop a toddlers sense of balance and stimulates their physical and mental development, improving general co-ordination. These tiny balance bikes feature a robust build, they are made using high-quality products to withstand a great deal of wear and tear and can be ridden indoors and outdoors for hours of learning adventure for toddlers. With unique wide rubber compound tires for a smooth and silent ride and spoke freewheels to avoid trapping those tiny fingers in.

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