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Krisspatt collection is a Kenyan online shopping mall that offers Kenyans the products they want and need, when they want them and need them. Through the power of the Internet and a well-designed storefront, krisspatt collection allows the online Kenyan shopper to interact with a variety of products and services right from the comfort of their home or office or wherever else they may be connected to the Internet with a compatible device. Shopping using krisspatt collection online shopping portal is much like shopping in any mall, just without the hassle of having to physically shop around or what you want.

Using Krisspatt collection online shopping portal is very easy and straight-forward. Using the portal starts with simply visiting the site address at Krisspattcollection.co.ke. From there, everything is nicely laid out with labels, clean photography, and legible fonts. Everything the Kenyan online shopper needs becomes available at his or her fingertips. Shoppers can browse by item category or search the product they need at the search bar.

Once shoppers havē found the products they want, they simply add them to théir shopping cart before heading to checkout to pay for them.

At Krisspatt collection,We offer amazing products.We also offer free home delivery services, to our highly esteemed clients; within the shortest time possible.

About us:We are located at Koja stage.Nyahururu house.

Types: Mobile Phone, TV,  Electronics, Fashion, Clothes, Bags, Kids, Home & Living.Shopping made better;yes and simpler;

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Krisspatt Collection assures all the communication with the merchant in order for your product to reach you safe, on time, and the way it has been described.

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Delivery will be done by one of krisspatt collection trusted delivery personel. However, in case the delivery fails or product is faulty, We are fully responsible and will refund you immediately.

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